AniNex - 22 to 23 June

The 3rd Workshop for EU IRSES project on Next Generation Computer Animation Techniques

Notice for the authors:

You may now free access the conference online proceeding here.

Chair: Dr. Jian Chang - The National Centre for Computer Animation, Bournemouth University

Co-Chairs: Prof Nadia Magnenat Thalmann - MIRALab, University of Geneva, Switzerland and NTU, Singapore.
Prof Jian J Zhang - The National Centre for Computer Animation, Centre for Digital Entertainment, Bournemouth University

The “AniNex” ( is an EU FP7 funded exchange project, which is designed to prepare and lead the development of next generation techniques related to computer animation and its applications. The workshop will be coordinated as part of the Edutainment conference programme at Bournemouth in June 2017.

A post-session proceeding for the workshop (which is a separate track from the Edutainment conference proceeding) will be published at the Lecture Notes in Computer Science series (LNCS) by Springer. Papers with potential will be recommended to submit extended and significantly revised versions to be considered for publication in a list of Journals (please see a list of the journals here).

Authors are welcome to send their queries through email to Dr Jian Chang at:


We would like to invite submissions of posters to disseminate the research at the workshop, which covers topics related to computer animation techniques and digital content generation, including but not limited to:

Advanced physically based animation techniques and dynamics

  • Geometric modelling
  • Physics-based animation, animation and simulation of natural environments
  • Deformation and fluid simulation
  • Rendering techniques
  • Collision detection
  • GPU based modelling and simulation

Machine Learning for Computer Graphics

  • Supervised and unsupervised learning in computer vision and computer graphics
  • Machine learning in motion data retrieval and analysis
  • Machine learning in facial expression and emotion modelling

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Applications

  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Virtuality and Augmented Reality
  • Mixed Reality
  • Sensor and Sensor Technology
  • Novel HCI design

Advanced character animation and modelling

  • Facial modelling in computer animation
  • Character rigging and skinning
  • Animation from motion capture
  • Crowd simulation, artificial intelligence and games
  • Social agent and applications

We welcome participants of different disciplines across the world and submissions related to computer graphics and digital content generation which are topics not necessarily listed above.

All papers should be submitted electronically via the EasyChair conference system. For format information and templates, please visit the Springer conference proceeding guidelines.


*Successful submissions will be invited to be presented as either full papers or posters at the workshop, all of which will be invited to submit a full version to be considered for the LNCS)